2020 Endorsements Summary

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Alameda; Contra Costa; San Francisco; San Mateo; Santa Clara


Find analysis of our California endorsements here.

DistrictMeasure DescriptionPosition
CaliforniaProposition 14Increase Bond Funding for Stem Cell ResearchYes
CaliforniaProposition 15Put Schools & Communities FirstYes
CaliforniaProposition 16End the Ban on Affirmative ActionYes
CaliforniaProposition 17Free the Vote for People on ParoleYes
CaliforniaProposition 18Allow 17-year-olds to Vote in Primary ElectionsYes
CaliforniaProposition 19Increase Burden on First Time Home BuyersNo
CaliforniaProposition 20Increase the Number of People Locked Up in PrisonsNo
CaliforniaProposition 21Allow Local Communities to Expand Rent ControlYes
CaliforniaProposition 22Take Away Protections Such As Minimum Wage for Gig WorkersNo
CaliforniaProposition 23Regulate Kidney Dialysis Clinics for SafetyYes
CaliforniaProposition 24Undermines the Consumer Privacy Act to Tech Corporations’ AdvantageNo
CaliforniaProposition 25Switch Cash Bail with System Based On “Public Safety Risk”No position

Alameda County

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Alameda CountyMeasure VContinue Pitching In on Utilities In Unincorporated AreasYes
Alameda CountyMeasure WFund Mental Health, Housing, & Job TrainingYes
Alameda CountyMeasure XBorrow Funds to Fund County Fire DeptYes
AlbanyMeasure BBRanked-Choice VotingYes
BerkeleyMeasure FFRaise $8.5 Million for Emergency Response Through Parcel TaxYes
BerkeleyMeasure GGTax Lyft and Uber Riders to Fund Public ServicesNo
BerkeleyMeasure HHFund Climate Equity Fund Through Increased Utilty User TaxNo
BerkeleyMeasure IICreate Board and Director of Police AccountabilityYes
BerkeleyMeasure JJRaise Elected Officials’ Pay to Median Income for BerkeleyYes
BerkeleyMeasure KKMake City Attorney’s Term Indefinite (And Other Amendments)Yes
BerkeleyMeasure LLAllow Berkeley To Invest Allocated FundsYes
BerkeleyMeasure MMLimit Evictions, Extend Emergency Renter ProtectionsYes
City of AlamedaMeasure AAClarify City Attorney and City Council ResponsibilitiesYes
City of AlamedaMeasure ZAllow More Dense Housing to be BuiltYes
HaywardMeasure NNRequire Hotel Guests to Contribute More for Public ServicesYes
HaywardMeasure OOAllow Everyone to Serve on City Boards & Commissions Regardless of Immigration StatusYes
NewarkMeasure PPExtend the Existing Utility Users’ TaxYes
OaklandMeasure QQAllow 16- and 17-year-olds to Vote for School BoardYes
OaklandMeasure RRRemove $1000 Limit on Fines to Better Address DumpingYes
OaklandMeasure S1Strengthen Police CommissionYes
Oakland Unified School DistrictMeasure Y
Borrow Funds to Repair & Upgrade School Buildings
Union CityMeasure W.WImpose a New, Regressive Utility Users TaxNo

Contra Costa County

Alamo Parks and Recreation (County Service Area R-7A)Measure WTie Alamo Parks & Recreation Funding Ceiling to Population & Cost of LivingYes
Contra Costa CountyMeasure XAdd County Sales Tax for Emergency, Early Childhood, & Safety-Net ServicesYes
PittsburgMeasure QChange City Clerk from Elected to AppointedNo
RichmondMeasure URaise Gross Receipts Tax for the Biggest BusinessesYes

San Francisco

Find analysis of our priority San Francisco county endorsements here.

San FranciscoProposition ABorrow Funds for Mental Health & Homelessness Services, Parks, & Street RepairYes
San FranciscoProposition BBring Transparency to the Department of Public WorksYes
San FranciscoProposition CRemove Citizenship Barriers to Serving on City BodiesYes
San FranciscoProposition DCreate a Board to Investigate the Sheriff’s Office for MisconductYes
San FranciscoProposition EAllow Changes to Police StaffingYes
San FranciscoProposition FMake Sure the Biggest Corporations in SF Pitch InYes
San FranciscoProposition GAllow 16- and 17-year-olds to Vote in Local ElectionsYes
San FranciscoProposition HStreamline Permitting and Keep Local Businesses AfloatYes
San FranciscoProposition IEnsure Sellers of $10M+ Properties Pitch In for RentersYes
San FranciscoProposition JRemove Red Tape for School FundingYes
San FranciscoProposition KAuthorize Up to 10k Units of Affordable Social HousingYes
San FranciscoProposition LTax Corporations Based on Ratio of CEO to Employee PayYes
San FranciscoProposition RRAdd One-Eighth-Cent Sales Tax for CalTrainYes

San Mateo County

City of San MateoMeasure RLimit Building Densities, But With Exemptions for Affordable HousingYes
City of San MateoMeasure WRequire Hotel Guests to Contribute More for Public ServicesYes
City of San MateoMeasure YLimit Building DensitiesNo
Daly CityMeasure QPass Local Recovery & ReliefYes
East Palo AltoMeasure VAsk Hotel Guests to Pitch In for Affordable HousingYes
Half Moon BayMeasure URequire Hotel Guests to Contribute More for Public ServicesYes
Jefferson Union High School DistrictMeasure ZBorrow Funds for School Technology, Accessibility, & SafetyYes
San BrunoMeasure STax Cannabis BusinessesYes
San BrunoMeasure XRequire Hotel Guests to Contribute More for Public ServicesYes
San Mateo-Foster City School DistrictMeasure TBorrow Funds for School Technology, Repairs, & SafetyYes

Santa Clara County

Cambrian School DistrictMeasure RBorrow Funds for School Technology, Achievement, & RepairsYes
Campbell Union High School DistrictMeasure LExtend Parcel Tax for Quality Distance Learning & Safe Return to SchoolsYes
City of Santa ClaraMeasure ERequire Hotel Guests to Contribute More for Public ServicesYes
Evergreen Elementary School DistrictMeasure PBorrow Funds for Quality Distance Learning and Campus Security & RepairsYes
Franklin-McKinley School DistrictMeasure KExtend Parcel Tax to Fund Teachers and Academic ProgramsYes
Fremont Union High School DistrictMeasure MExtend Parcel Tax to Fund Teachers and Academic ProgramsYes
Loma Prieta Joint Union Elementary School DistrictMeasure NExtend Parcel Tax to Renew School FundingYes
MilpitasMeasure FCreate 1/4¢ Sales Tax for City ServicesYes
Mt. Pleasant Elementary School DistrictMeasure QBorrow Funds for Quality Distance Learning & School RenovationsYes
Palo Alto Unified School DistrictMeasure OExtend Parcel Tax to Fund Teachers and Academic ProgramsYes
Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Authority (CalTrain)Measure RRMake CalTrain Cleaner, More Affordable, & More FrequentYes
San JoseMeasure GStrengthen Planning Commission & Police AuditingYes
San JoseMeasure HIncrease Card Room Tax for City ServicesNo position
San Jose-Evergreen Community College DistrictMeasure IAdd New Parcel Tax to Improve Community College Quality & AffordabilityYes
San Jose-Evergreen Community College DistrictMeasure JBorrow Funds to Repair Community CollegesYes
Santa Clara Valley Open Space AuthorityMeasure TExtend Parcel Tax to Preserve Open SpacesYes
Santa Clara Valley Water DistrictMeasure SRenew Clean Water & Flood Protection ProgramYes