Bay Rising builds the power of communities of color to create a just world for everyone. Through our civic engagement network of over thirty grassroots organizations in the Bay Area, we are building a world where all people have community control and political power, and where everyone has a home and can live without fear of deportation or criminalization. We are creating a world where everyone can earn a living wage, receive quality healthcare and education, and live in neighborhoods with clean air, public parks, and water. We believe in environmental justice and just transition to a regenerative, life-giving economy.

Bay Rising is the umbrella network for San Francisco Rising, Oakland Rising, and Silicon Valley Rising. These groundbreaking local formations link powerful community groups that are at the forefront of social justice movements in the region. Bay Rising’s member organizations fight for environmental justice, housing/renters’ rights, well-paying union jobs, public education, healthcare, public transit, safety, sanctuary, and more.

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“When I think about Bay Rising, I think about… working people and people of color leading their communities—and making sure that regardless of whether you live in Oakland, San Jose, or Mountain View, that you are represented and that you are a part of leading Silicon Valley and leading the Bay Area.” – María Noel Fernandez, Deputy Director, Working Partnerships USA, anchor of Silicon Valley Rising