For Organizations


Bay Rising offers trainings to our member organizations in Oakland, San Francisco, and the South Bay, as well as aligned grassroots and community-based groups that are interested in partnering with us.

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Campaign support

We currently work with local groups in Contra Costa and San Mateo counties to provide tailored campaign support and capacity-building. You can request specific training or coaching from us.

Our training and coaching offerings include:

  • Action design and support
  • Campaign consultation and troubleshooting
  • Campaign staff management
  • Communications training and media support
  • Creation of voter materials and guides
  • Cultural strategy and art builds
  • Digital and personal security coaching
  • Executive Director coaching
  • Field grants
  • Messaging and framing
  • Political education for movement work
  • Race and power in political coalitions
  • Rapid response management and communications
  • Research and research coordination
  • Running c3/c4 campaigns
  • Voter lists
  • Voter SMS outreach through Relay
  • Working with consultants

Affiliate with us

For grassroots, community-based groups that are exploring civic engagement work and are interested in affiliating with Bay Rising, please contact us here.