Activists paint ‘Choose Democracy’ street mural in downtown Oakland

Posted on October 29, 2020

KCBS Radio / October 29, 2020

Activists painted the street Thursday afternoon in Oakland with a message about the importance of voting and democracy in a pre-protest, of sorts.

The colorful, vibrant mural can be found in downtown Oakland on 14th St. between Clay St. and Jefferson St. Volunteers used giant stencils to plan out and paint the message “Choose Democracy,” while others stirred up paint.

Kimi Lee, a volunteer with Bay Resistance, told KCBS Radio it’s a gathering ahead of what she said could be a long fight. “Today is about defending democracy,” Lee explained. “We know this election is not going to be settled on Tuesday, so we’re kind of putting the message out there that we want folks to count every vote and defend democracy.”

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