How we beat Airbnb

Posted on January 22, 2018
A man in a suit jacket and tie holds a sign that says "Homes 4 Tenants Not Tourists" and a woman wears a T-shirt that says "San Francisco Tenants Union" and holds a sign below the frame of the photo.

48 Hills / January 22, 2018 / Calvin Welch

While the coalition expanded during the campaign to include the Building Trades Council, the Sierra Club, San Francisco Tomorrow, the Labor Council, Jobs With Justice, the Anti-Displacement Coalition, San Francisco Rising, SF Women’s Political Committee, West of Twin Peaks Council, the Latino Democratic Club, and the Community Tenants Association, Prop. F lost at the ballot being massively outspent by Airbnb. It is interesting that no Yimby group supported Prop. F which shows their key linkage to big tech money and their ideological aversion to regulation of the housing market.

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