Oakland Embraces Democracy Dollars for More Responsive Government

Posted on November 29, 2022

Campaign Legal Center / November 9, 2022

Oakland voters have taken a groundbreaking step to overhaul the way their city runs its elections and ensure a more responsive and accountable government. By passing Measure W, Oakland became the second city in the nation to enact a voucher-based public financing program that directly empowers its residents to engage in the political process.

This new “Democracy Dollars” program is a result of a city ballot measure campaign, Fair Elections Oakland, supported by a broad coalition of stakeholders and overwhelmingly approved by Oakland voters.

By enacting the Democracy Dollars program, Oakland is enhancing the ability of city residents to meaningfully participate in municipal election campaigns by providing financial support to their preferred candidates for elected office. The Democracy Dollars program also incentivizes candidates to engage with everyday Oaklanders, ensuring that the voices of Oakland residents are heard and creating a more representative democracy.

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