Oakland Will Send Taxpayer Dollars To Residents So They Can Donate To Politicians

Posted on November 29, 2022

Daily Caller / November 29, 2022

Oakland, California, is set to give adult residents vouchers to donate to candidates for local office every other year, according to The San Francisco Chronicle.

Nearly 74% of the city’s voters approved Measure W, mandating that the city biannually send four $25 dollar vouchers to residents 18 years of age and older for donations to mayoral, City Council or school board candidates, the outlet reported. The program will be paid for with city general funds and include legal permanent residents who lack U.S. citizenship. (RELATED: San Francisco Fires Long-Time Elections Official To Meet Its Racial Equity Goals)

Seattle enacted a similar program in 2017, and University of Washington research showed a rise in candidates for local office and a more challenging path to reelection for incumbents, according to the Chronicle. The Oakland measure restricts former city officials from becoming lobbyists.

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