Progressive Group Touts Big Election Wins for Working Class, Immigrant, Black and Brown Oaklanders – from District Attorney and Mayor to Ballot Measures

Posted on November 30, 2022

The Davis Vanguard / November 30, 2022

OAKLAND, CA – Progressive, community-led Oakland Rising Action applauded a successful election season for Black, Brown and Immigrant Oaklanders, noting it held “conversations” with about 6,000 “infrequent and new” Oakland voters, reached 60,000 other Oakland households by mail and 6,815 views online.

The result was, the group said this week, winning campaigns for progressive candidates—including for district attorney and mayor—and ballot measures such as Measure W, which ORA said will increase community engagement and transparency in Oakland’s political system.

“We focused on supporting candidates and issues that drive a progressive agenda for working-class residents, immigrants, and communities of color living in the flatlands, and our team worked hard to turn out voters for the November midterm election. While many campaign consultants ignore BIPOC, working-class, immigrant, and formerly incarcerated community members, ORA believes that these are the people who will bring about the systemic change they are fighting for in Oakland and beyond,” said Jon Bean, Deputy Director, Oakland Rising Action.

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