Your Cheat Sheet to the 2022 General Elections

Posted on October 13, 2022

BOLTS / October 13, 2022

As the battle for Congress rages, voters are also deciding the fate of thousands of ballot measures and public offices.

Bolts editor-in-chief Daniel Nichanian lays out 509 elections to watch closely up and down the ballot—from secretaries of state and senators to prosecutors and judges—and why they matter.

You can also download a printable, PDF version of this page to use as a worksheet on Election Night.

We are also updating this page with results.

Bolts has published guides to all supreme court and secretary of state races, and elections that are critical to abortion. We also cover races that affect voting rights and criminal justice.

Via Michigan Secretary of State Office/Facebook

This cheat sheet features at least one non-federal election for all 50 states, plus D.C., and we encourage you to search for the name of your state on this page to learn about local stakes.

We also encourage readers to visit Ballotpedia for its invaluable resources and to consult Daily Kos Elections’ data on all districts’ partisan lean. Also, note that we include a congressional race if it is rated unsafe by just one of Cook Politicalthe Crystal BallInside Elections, and Daily Kos Elections.

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